48 Hour Photo Diary of a (Nearly) 4 Year Old

Last Christmas Granny and Grandad bought a fab kiddy camera for Jack. Rubber encased with chunky buttons and dials that are perfect for chubby little fingers and with great quality photos it’s ideal for the budding toddler photographer.

Sadly it now languishes unloved in a cupboard.

That’s not to say that the photography bug has not bitten. It has. And hard. It’s just that Jack has decided he would much rather use Mum’s old digital compact. So much smaller and easier to carry around. Plus it’s designed for grown ups and therefore has the allure of the illicit.

Lucky for him Daddy already did a number on it, dropping it on a rock and breaking the zoom, so Mum has moved on to a digital SLR (as well as her trusty camera phone, natch.)

And that’s how we’ve come to have a tiny photographer documenting our every move. Here’s a child’s eye view of last weekend.












  1. So cute!

  2. So so sweet, and very talented too! :)

  3. Younger generations are more technology wise ) I still take worse pictures than Espiderman does)

  4. helloitsgemma says:

    love him!!! very arty shots – he has a photography future!

  5. How sweet! It’s always interesting to see the world from a little person’s point of view. Loved reading this!

  6. This is brilliant….. loved the world from his viewpoint! X

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