On Being Good

Another fab day climbing. The January sun shone and we were climbing in our t-shirts, despite being at 700metres with snow on the mountaintops close around us.

Jack was in nursery and Richie and I were climbing together with Alberto. I worried Alberto might not be getting enough done, climbing in a three. I needn’t have though, turns out that after a full day’s climbing at the crag he was heading to the ‘tablon’ (bouldering gym) to train!

This reminded me, yet again (climbing’s a great sport for this), that people who are good at something don’t get to be so and to stay so by accident. It takes work, ongoing work, which takes motivation.

Top climbers don’t find it all easy, even though it might seem that way when you read of their exploits in magazines. On the contrary, top climbers are the ones who try really, really hard. On every route or boulder problem, on every day of training. They’re the ones who aren’t defeated by failure but tie back into the rope and step back onto the rock for another try until eventually they top out victorious. And so it is with any sport or indeed any walk of life.

So the next time I reach an impasse, be it on the rock or not, I’m going to take it simply as a challenge to work out the next move and to train a little harder to get the necessary power.


  1. I used to rock climb until I survived a kidnapping/murder attempt some years ago (hired hitman, no personal stuff involved) and was left with injuries to all my connective tissues on my left side. So glad you decided to follow my blog. I KNOW I will be coming to your blog (am now following) often as I continue to write my adult fairytale series involving several hazardous journeys into very steep and rocky areas. I very much appreciate your deciding to follow my own blog.

    • Wow – that sounds dramatic, and not very pleasant!! At least you must have plenty of material to feed into your writing. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. I hope you continue to enjoy my blog.

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