Silent Sunday 08th April 2012


  1. Beautiful picture, love all the raindrops! What plant is it?

  2. How exciting! I’d love a pear tree!

  3. Helloitsgemma says:

    Wonderful colours. What app is that?!

  4. Stunning!

  5. Love the detailing of the raindrops.

  6. ahh pears how lovely :D x

  7. Beautiful shot, I love fresh pears.

  8. The raindrops look very pretty on that!

  9. Lovely, I’m from Galicia but now live in the UK, I’ll be popping by again

    • Oh, hi Maria – thanks for stopping by. I absolutely love Galicia – such a beautiful place, with the friendliest people and fabulous food. (We are all, inc toddler son, obsessed with pulpo a la gallega!) I’m off to visit your blog right now :)

  10. Gorgeous!

  11. How lovely! I hope the pears are delicious.

  12. Thanks for all the lovely comments folks. Going on the Prince Charles school of talking to plants I reckon we should have a bumper pear harvest this year with all the good wishes!

  13. New life budding forth–wonderful Silent Sunday for Easter and April and springtime!

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