Silent Sunday


  1. such a beautiful spring hillside.

  2. Stunning I think you have done it justice.

  3. So lovely! It gives me hope that spring is really on the way (in Canada!).

  4. what a lovely view, such a sunny hillside :)

  5. LOvely. The Fresh air looks good!

  6. Wish i could be on a place as beautiful as that!!

  7. Delightful!

  8. Those Flowers look beautiful! What are they?

  9. I think I’d like to be there! Lovely!

  10. Beautiful! Not quite there yet with the spring flowers, so very jealous of yours! Emma :)

  11. Pretty Margaritas! Lovely shot.

  12. Oh my goodness, you lucky thing!

  13. That sky is amazing and daisies too, you are ahead of us!

  14. Is that a blanket of daisies? Spring is lovely isn’t it!

  15. If I were there, I would fall asleep and stay all night on this breath-taking, blooming, hillside! Fabulous!

  16. A lovely spring picture x

  17. fab photo – it looks wonderful. So exciting for me to see so many people I “know” leaving you comments! Yay!

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