Silent Sunday



  1. Photobombed by a leaf eh?! ;-) Lovely shot. :-)

    • Haha! You’ve got to watch out for those pesky leaves you know. Ruined many an artistically composed shot of mine they have ;-)

  2. Very very sweet picture. Happy Sunday x

  3. Lovely picture

  4. Hello there! Are you in a hammock?

  5. aww what a fab picture x

  6. Aww lovely photo!!

  7. You’ve captured a beautiful smile

  8. Hehe love the giggly shot! :)

  9. A lovely happy picture of you both.

  10. What a happy shot, one that really portrays the moment, love it

  11. helloitsgemma says:

    gorgeous photo! and get you with your self-hosting! blimey am I the only person in the woooooorlllld now not self-hosted!

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