Silent Sunday 23/09/2012

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  1. Wow! Is it ok? I mean is that normal for it to be lying on the rocks?

    • It was actually hanging upside down on a vertical rock face, I was standing beneath it. After the third click of the camera it flew off. I’ve never seen a bat flying in the broad daylight before!

  2. Wow, is that a teeny bat?

  3. I thought it was an insect at first lol. That is a really great picture.

  4. awesome shot

  5. *gasp* oh my gosh, so cute, fantastic picture!

  6. Bat sunbathing?

  7. It is a bat isn’t it? Where did you take the photo, you seem so close to it (or is it the magic of zoom)? Great picture.

  8. don’t see many bats out in the day

  9. Ewwww…they used to roost in our chimney when I was kid and i would wake up to them swooping around inside the house…not cool in the 80’s–the time of big, teased hair that a bat could get caught in during one of his acrobatic flights!

  10. What an amazing picture, well done you

  11. Wow! How amazing! Great photo! :)

  12. Super pic, they’re not so scary in the daylight!

  13. it’s very very cute.

  14. Oh I want one… ok maybe not… but it looks cute in the picture!

  15. fivegoblogging says:

    Good grief! A bat? Hope he found his way home!

  16. wow what a great photo such a little tiny thing!

  17. Is that a bat, great photo

  18. WOW wow wow! Stunning picture.

  19. great pic, where is it?

    • Thank you. I took it here in Asturias, in a limestone valley in the concejo of Teverga. The bat was hanging around (literally!) on the outside of a tunnel, just above a popular walking/cycling path, the Senda del Oso.

  20. What a cute little guy! It’s so odd to see them in broad daylight like that!

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