Silent Sunday



  1. Brilliant shot!

  2. Fab photo x

  3. fun!

  4. Very nicely done.
    Weird–your blog is now treating me as a non-wordpress user. Have you switched providers or something or are you now self-hosting?

    • Well spotted. I’ve gone self-hosted. The comments are still being managed by WordPress though, so once you’ve commented once it should recognize you. (In theory anyway!)

  5. What great timing. Great fun photo. Love the expressions :-)

  6. what a fantastic shot x

  7. Fab shot!

  8. Brilliant capture! I’d have had to make them jump in a couple ‘a dozen times and THEN still have missed it!

  9. helloitsgemma says:

    really wonderful photograph! Love the texture of the rock behind and depth of colour of the water. I of course, love the characters and the fabulous symmetry.

  10. Great action shot! The water does look very inviting – what fun.

  11. haha thats fab how many practice runs did they do for you

  12. Oooh… Welcome to self-hosted WP! Amazing pic, with a beautiful location by the looks of things! :)

  13. Captured so well, perfectly timed!! :)

  14. Back to reading again after a long absence! Who are the heroes in the pic? )

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