Silent Sunday

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  1. What a gorgeous view!

  2. What wonderful mountain tops!

  3. That’s beautiful! Must have been breathtaking to see!

  4. Wow, stunning view

  5. wow, just WOW!

  6. wow an amazing view

  7. Lovely! Miss the mountains :(

    • Aww. You know, I thought of you when I posted this photo. In particular I was remembering a photo you posted last winter, taken from above the ski slopes. It was really rather stunning.

  8. Whenever I see your photos of views I get wanderlust! Awesome

  9. such a wonderful view!

  10. Fantastic picture!

  11. great view

  12. Just beautiful! I love the icing sugar dusting of snow right at the very top! We have a little bit more than that now, husband is desperate to dust off his ski gear… :D

    • I like the icing sugar effect too. Just the tiniest amount but definitely denoting a brisk change in temperatures. Personally, have given up skiing though. I was far too accident prone with it :(

  13. Just beautiful. Whenever I see these types of photos on your blog it makes me want to yodel HOUSE SWAP across Spain to you. Asturias looks like a lush version of AndalucĂ­a. Stunning.

  14. That is from your day escaping the rain, no wonder the gar had trouble staing in gear reaching over those mountains but oh my, what a breath taking view.

  15. Beautiful! I have to say it looks a lot like Northern California (or vice versa)…

  16. What a truly beautiful view – just look at those mountains, breathtaking!

  17. is that first snow or has that been there are summer?
    gorgeous *deep sigh*

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