Silent Sunday

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  1. They look like excellent goalies :)

  2. Brilliant! Where on earth did you find an image as quirky as that?

    • They’re great aren’t they? It’s from the school autumn festival. The ‘grandparents’ came in to teach the littlies about local traditions. It all took place in the sports hall, so when these ladies got a little tired this is where they took a break!

  3. Love this image. Definitely the quirkiest Silent Sunday I’ve seen

  4. Thats a great one – made me laugh on a Sunday morning!

  5. 4 goalies – hope the other side have a good striker.

  6. bavariansojourn says:

    Definitely my favourite Silent Sunday so far… Fantastic picture! :D

  7. haha this is just fantastic!!could be on a humour birthday card – you can send in your own photos to things like that and they pay for images.. but of course you’d have to get permission from these lovey ladies first x

  8. Agree with above comment, its like an image from a humour birthday card or canvas print. Very quirky – very funny! x

  9. The lady in the purple looks like she’s either getting ready to flip the photographer off, or has gas and is trying to pass it quietly.

  10. Brilliant! fantastic photo – not sure why one is hiding behind her shawl?

  11. what a brilliant photo, hope they got up and had a kick around after?!

  12. Great photo!!! Very creative! :) x

  13. Brilliant!

  14. I love this. Really made me smile!

  15. The Inexpert says:

    Probably my favourite Silent Sunday … EVER!

  16. Ha ha! What a fabulous picture!

  17. I love that picture. That’s a rare opportunity with that one.

  18. very amusing

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