Sunday Photo – a rainy day in Asturias



Today's weather in Spain

Today’s weather in Spain

Storm Hugo is currently battering most of Spain, Asturias included. Up high (above 800m) the precipitation is depositing as heavy snow and drifts. Below this height the rain-laden sky blocks out the views of the snowy peaks and muffles the usually vibrant landscape to a dull and lifeless grey.

It’s good weather for curling up in front of a wood-burning stove with a good book or a long lunch with friends.

If you do need to venture outside then best to go prepared. Gore-tex and North Face might do the trick for those of a modern bent but if you’re an authentic Asturian then your essentials boil down to your umbrella and your madreñas (very practical stilted clogs that you wear over your slippers and that keep you high and clear of mud and water).

A little bit of water never stopped an Asturian.

rainy day in Asturias





  1. Oh well that looks like pretty extreme weather. We used to live in the hills near Granada and are now in Central Portugal. No snow here but plenty of torrential rain and winds. Looks like you are enjoying the snow though!

  2. We all need the rain sometimes, we get more than most though!

    • Absolutely! The reservoirs were all scarily empty up until a few weeks ago so it’s actually hugely reassuring to see rain and snow this winter. Amazing how quickly you wish it away again though!

  3. Such a great black and white shot!

  4. Mary, nice photo, for Asturias to be green, it has to rain, although, it is true, it tires.

    • Absolutely Jose, we are very grateful for the rain to be honest. The lack of water in the reservoirs has been very worrying after a couple of very dry years indeed.

  5. That looks so wintry! You would never guess it was Spain!

  6. I hope the storm passes soon, I’d never have thought that photo was Spain

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

  7. bavariansojourn says:

    You’ve had some extreme weather so far this year and it’s not even April yet!! Lovely shots. xx

  8. Nadiya & Patrick says:

    Found your blog by chance Mary while trying to find out if there is an expat community in Asturias and I’m happy to see one of them blogging about living in this wonderful part of Spain! We are an Ukrainian/German couple living in Asturias since 2 years and still have seen far too little of the Paraíso Natural we call our home now. Even weeks with rain cannot change our mind because for sure summer is around the corner :)

    Regards from Nadiya & Patrick

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