About Me

Seven years ago I gave up a busy acupuncture practice in the U.K. to move with my partner to a tiny hamlet perched atop a hillside between the mountains and the sea in Asturias, Northern Spain.

Since then we’ve acquired many new friends, an accident prone greyhound,  an extremely affectionate killing machine of a country cat and a 4 year old son who just keeps getting cuter by the day. (Doting parent alert!)

We’ve also gone from being total non-Spanish speakers to attaining an ever-improving level of proficiency in the language and a constantly deepening understanding of the culture. There’s still a ways to go on both counts but that’s a huge part of what makes it fun.

As rock climbers we are lucky enough to visit some pretty amazing places and to meet some pretty amazing people. The downside of our constant gadding about on bits of rock is the neglect that it visits upon my sad excuse for a vegetable garden….

If you would like to contact me you can email me at asturiandiary@gmail(dot)com

You can also find me at Spanish Property North where I work to help people find their dream property in Asturias and assist them with all their relocation needs. Like us on Facebook for all the latest deals, local information and expat help.facebook

Hire Me
I also work as a freelance translator, writer and marketing consultant. Please do contact me to find out how I can help you.
Occasionally I will publish reviews of products or services that are relevant to my blog and my readers. My opinions are always honest and completely my own and I have a policy of absolute transparency.

Thanks for reading!

Mary Ryan