A Sunny Weekend in Los Valles del Oso

Finally, last week, spring decided it was time to be properly sprung and then rapidly proceeded to catapult us full pelt into summer. With temperatures forecast to be in the high 20s over the weekend there was only one thing for it: load up the autocaravana and hit the road.

As time was short (and our van painfully slow-moving) we decided on a brief trundle just as far as the valleys of Quirós and Teverga, south of Oviedo city. The ‘Valles del Oso’ or valleys of the bear as they are known. (And yes, they do actually have some bears there.) It’s a great spot for family days out, has some world class sports climbing and some great places for overnight van camping. So that’s all our boxes ticked then. Who needs to travel further afield when you have all this on your doorstep?


Clear blue skies, with one rather odd shaped cloud, above a high snowy peak in Quirós last weekend


The carpark at Entrago, Teverga as the sun came up on Sunday morning. Very popular with climbers and families from Oviedo and Gijón there are always plenty of children to play with at weekends here. It´s a great spot for free van camping with newly built toilet and shower block, water and waste facilities, a football pitch, and kiddies’ climbing wall as well as being alongside the Senda del Oso path and in the heart of the Teverga valley. Oh, and there´s a couple of bars and restaurants just round the corner too. Perfect.

Saturday we spent at the very family-friendly crag of Quirós, at sector La Selva. With plenty of trees providing shade at the foot of the crag this was the perfect place for a very hot day. As well as preventing the many children there from burning the trees also provided some unroped climbing opportunities for them.

This year we have finally abandoned the baby back pack and Jack is managing the approach to crags (mostly) under his own steam. I can´t tell you what a liberation this is! The last couple of years it has mainly fallen to Richie to carry the backpack with Jack, an increasingly heavy, and oftentimes wriggling, load. Meanwhile I have been playing my part by carrying up ALL the climbing gear. So that´s a 70 metre rope, a couple of harnesses, 20 or so metal quick draws, shoes etc. Oh, and probably some food and water too. Not to mention a few toys and perhaps some sun cream. I think what I´m trying to say is it´s been HEAVY. Especially on the steeper approaches, where I have on occasion found myself huffing and puffing and bent forward like an old crone. Now that my load has been lightened after such a long time it feels almost like I can breezily levitate uphill. Winner.

Of course walking with a  toddler does mean taking things at a rather more leisurely pace. Jack, Dogly and I made the (usually 20 minute) descent to the car from La Selva in a sedately fascinating hour or so. There were flowers to be sniffed, sticks to be collected, water to be drunk from fuentes and cows and goats to be inspected.


The ministry of silly walks.




Eventually we made it down to the carpark by 6pm. At which point Jack insisted on taking out his balance bike for some off-roading action. Only when he was covered top to bottom in muddy splashes, true mountain biker style, after some daring stream traversing was he finally content to return to the camper for tea. Meanwhile his poor mother was exhausted from chasing him up and down the bumpy paths as he gleefully chucked himself downhill at speed. Still, my payoff came the next morning when he slept in until 9 am.


Climbing at Eléctricos, Teverga

Sunday was spent climbing with more friends at Electricós in Teverga while Jack mainly played with his diggers in the dirt, made letters from twigs and sneaked in a little siesta in a shady cave. That evening we happily trundled home again, all contentedly exhausted from a weekend spent playing outdoors.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Looks like you had a perfect weekend :)

  2. Ahhh it looks like a toddler haven!! Love the photo of him touching the little spring

  3. Sounds like a nice trip, we were there 2 weeks ago to see family and had snow,rain, more snow and more rain. The fresh air and running around had the same effect on my boys, sleeping in, back to 6 o’clock starts now. Oh well back in August for fiesta del Cebrano. Can’t wait!

    • Oh no! You were really unlucky with the weather – that was a harsh couple of weeks. Still, at least you got some lie-ins which makes up for a lot. And August should definitely be better weather!

  4. sounds and looks like you had the perfect weekend. 9am lie-in, amazing :D. I think the cloud looks like a rocket ship.

  5. What a wonderful place for you to live and your little boy to be growing up in. (It’s getting slightly warmer over here!). Looks like you had a great time – love the picture of Jack and the water, and that cloud looks like a U.F.O.! We were glad to rid of all the back backs too! X.

  6. Awww that last shot!!! Perfect. Looks like you had an amazing time x

  7. That looks so blissful, well in between climbing with all the heavy gear! A great experience for Jack and I do know what you meant about things moving on now he is out of the back pack. A lovely entry for Country Kids.

  8. what a beautiful place :-)

  9. Have you been to the town of Teverga itself? The “colegiata” is worth the visit, plenty of intriguing (and beautiful) romanesque sculptures… Along with a couple of mummies. And the food is amazing!

  10. Oh wow this place looks amazing and inspiring. Walking with a toddler always makes the pace a lot slower but then you really get to take things in. I love the little sleeping photo at the end.
    Stopping over from the link

    Laura x

  11. Walking at a child’s pace is no bad thing in scenery like this. And he looks adorable. Love the shot where he’s “flat out”. :)


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