Autumn in Asturias

Autumn is my favourite season in Asturias. The weather is stable and warm and the air and light have a clarity that is lacking in the hazy days of summer. The mountain peaks emerge crisply into view in my daily backdrop. In the foreground, the hillsides are awash with vivid russets, golds and browns as the dense native woodland bursts forth in its annual showy glory.

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The in-between hours of  after-school are whiled away with walks in the dappled light of sweet chestnut groves, returning home with pockets stuffed full of bounty ready for roasting. The cider presses start to rumble in the neighbours’ barns and the first, sweet glasses of ‘sidra dulce’ (the unfermented apple juice) are shared with the children. Amaguestu is celebrated at school and at home.

This year, as last, however if it weren’t for the chestnuts rolling underfoot and the spectacular autumn foliage you would be forgiven for thinking that we were still in summer. Mid-November and wall to wall sunshine persists and its still bikini weather on the beach. ‘Veroño’ as they call it here – a blessed marriage between ‘verano’ (summer) and ‘otoño’ (autumn).



Salinas beach, 8th November 2015


But all good things must come to an end – and make way for more good things. This weekend the temperatures are forecast to dip dramatically, along with the snowline. Will the ski stations in the mountains get their first dusting of the season?


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  1. It looks truly fabulous :)

  2. It’s been wonderful this year; such a joy to live here.

  3. bavariansojourn says:

    So beautiful. We woke up to snow this morning… Winter is here! :D

  4. Luuuvely. I feel blessed to have lived in Asturias for two-and-a-half months! Lucky you.

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