From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

After spending much of yesterday salivating over the prospects of some highbrow intellectual stimulation courtesy of the NY TimesTalks this weekend at the Centro Niemeyer, 10pm saw me installed on the sofa ready to relish some ‘telebasura’ (trash tv to non-Spanish speakers).

Telecinco’s Acorralados premiered last night and I have to say that I was excited to watch it.  Not because I have any particular affinity to reality tv of the ‘I’m a Celebrity Get me out of here’ genre but simply because the farm on which this particular set of Z list celebrities is currently marooned is just 10 minutes down the road from my house.

I only lasted 5 minutes.  Even the desire to catch a glimpse of my neighbourhood on national tv and perhaps even a neighbour or two and to see how both might be portrayed by the national media couldn’t keep me watching.  Sad, desperate has-beens, desperate to earn a buck and to re-gain some of the spotlight being humiliated through a series of ridiculous, artificial trials for the ‘delight’ of the public are the same the world over.

I didn’t even catch a glimpse of the Asturian countryside.  But to be honest, I don’t need to see this beautiful place reflected through the twisted glass of the ‘reality’ camera.

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