Fuente La Lloba

Outside the Restaurant

Outside the Restaurant

We first heard tell of Fuente La Lloba over a year ago, but we dismissed the tales as a ‘rural myth’. A first class Japanese restaurant hidden in the hills of Asturias, where the hearty fabada reigns supreme? Unlikely…

So it was with some trepidation that I asked the barman in the tiny local bar of the tiny local village of Anayo if he knew of a Japanese eating house in the area. But surprisingly enough he didn’t just laugh in my face and I was issued with directions to a place some 3 kilometres further into the hills.

The road wound ever-narrowingly past scattered houses and horreos, until at the end it reached the traditional Asturian house that hosts the restaurant of Fuente La Lloba. Here the view opens out suddenly and dramatically, with the slopes of the Sueve mountain rearing up before you.

The glass-fronted restaurant takes full advantage of its impressive setting and the fusion of stylish, contemporary Japanese decor and traditional Asturian architecture works surprisingly well. The food itself is excellent. We had a four course tasting menu, plus dessert, which cost 28 Euros a head, excluding drinks.

Our Hosts - Eduardo & Kei

A truly unforgettable dining experience!

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