Getting Away from it All

To anyone who clicked through to my Silent Sunday post this week only to be greeted with a blank page, I’m very sorry. (The photo’s up now, honest.) I haven’t gone all cryptic on you or decided to take the whole ‘Silent’ theme to new extremes, it was your classic ‘technical failure’. Aka, I was bouncing around in the back of our motorhome, travelling up a narrow mountain gorge, getting further and further from civilization (and mobile communications signals) when I tried to upload my photo. It didn’t work out so good.

Still, on the plus side getting so far away from it all provided me with an infinity of fabulous photo opportunities. Allow me to share a sunset with you, by way of an apology.

Sunset from the crag at Valdehuesa, Leon


  1. This sunset looks like it could have come from the lands traveled by the Fellowship of the Ring! Utterly magical and dreamy and filled with prophecies of unknown wonders! Such a wonderful gift to us–thank you!

  2. Beautiful photo!

  3. bavariansojourn says:

    Well worth the wait! Just beautiful! :)

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