Monday Morning Moves

This was how Monday morning was supposed to go: arise refreshed, calmly feed, water and dispatch child to school, hit the gym at opening time (8.30, this is Spain after all), have invigorating workout, return home raring to go and race through lengthy list of tasks. Boom! Take that Monday.

Here’s how Monday morning actually went: arose reasonably refreshed, plonked child in front of his Weetabix while I prepared his mid-morning snack for school, child commented he was feeling dizzy, I dismissed his Monday morning dissembling, child vomited on breakfast table. Arse. Take that Mummy.

So, no school today. And therefore no gym and very little work for me. I am sadly not one of those multi-tasking marvel mothers that taunt my inadequacies you read about in the media. The extent of my multi-tasking this morning has been snuggling the poorly boy in bed and simultaneously fannying on on social media on the ipad. I know. Get me a medal someone.

I rationalize this lack of productivity by telling myself that the continued propagation of the ideal of feminine multi-tasking is plainly anti-feminist.  That, and the fact that I really do perform so much more effectively when I have time and undivided attention to devote to tasks.

Whatever. As I lie here at an incredibly unergonomic angle that I know my neck will pay for later, typing on my laptop, listening to my son’s snuffling sleep breathing and feeling his hand clutching my hair for that extra bit of reassurance that feeling poorly makes necessary, I know that I am privileged to be able to take this time with him. The years where snuggles in bed are demanded will pass all too quickly.

Here’s a little video of the poorly one busting some moves on a happier occasion last weekend to cheer me everyone up on this Monday morning.

Please note: this may seem like a cheap and lazy use of some cute footage of my son on which to hang a blog post. It is. Did I mention he also vomited in my shoe this morning? #heowesme


  1. Brilliant. If this is cheap and lazy blogging, then I am the Queen of THAT this month, so you can worry not.

    Love his moves! LOVE.

  2. Those are some really cool moves he’s busting! Love the way kids run around and around in circles when they dance to music. Hope he is feeling better now – it’s horrid when they get sick, even worse when the barf in your shoe! Great post! X.

  3. Poor little one. I hope he is feeling better… We too have had the massive puking bug. Tis not at all pleasant and curtailed most of my plans of last week. :/ Tis most annoying when it happens on a Monday, means the rest of my week is messed up, and I forget what day it is! :D Emma PS. Those amazing multi-everything mothers you mentioned. They lie!

    • He’s absolutely fine today, thank God. It was a long, puke-filled day yesterday but he woke up this morning demanding cake so I knew things were better! Now time to try and catch up with myself. Thanks for your kind words Emma – I always suspected there was some lying going on with those do-it-all mothers and if you agree that’s good enough for me! x

  4. I always feel so sorry for them when they’re sick like this! But also quite sorry for myself ;) And then I run around frantically de-germing (way too late, no doubt) out of fear of catching it myself.

    I love how you describe some marvel women. I have about one day every other month when I get a week’s worth of work/fun/exercise/blogging all in one 24 hour period. Then I collapse and spend the next few weeks wondering how anyone could do that all the time. So, you’re not alone ;)

  5. This little guy is full of energy! I hope he’s already overcome the consequences of that sickness. Kids are happiness and sunshine!

  6. It gets better…kind of :>)

  7. Those are some excellent moves!!! :) Hope your little man is feeling well again now. I love the cuddles when they’re ill but I usually end up glued to the sofa and feeling sorry for them too x

  8. Oh this was me over the Easter break, not only did I have my first attempt at juggling new work-from-home status with pre-school hols, I also had to contend with child with first ever bout of tonsillitis. I felt like you, frustrated for the lack of work time, but so blessed that I could drop everything and be with my daughter when she needed me. I also now count myself lucky that there was no puke on my shoe. That would have been a major crime.

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