Reality TV Show Filming in Pilona

Telecinco’s new reality show, Acorralados, where 12 celebrities are ‘trapped’ togetherĀ on a farm, is currently filming in Pilona, Asturias.

It seems more than a little ironic to me, given that I work in the property market here and have so many clients
who come to me looking for pretty much exactly the life that is currently being
foisted upon the celebrity contestants – a gorgeous traditional farm in a
stunning and secluded rural setting far from the insanities of modern life.
(Well, if you ignore the media trappings of a reality tv show, that is!)

Already, the 150 strong team of workers associated with the production have descended upon the area – bringing a very welcome cash injection to the local economy.

I’m not normally a big fan of reality tv but in this case I have to admit that I’ll be glued to the screen tomorrow night at 9.45pm when the first episode will be broadcast!

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