Silent Sunday 05/08/2012

Love All Blogs


  1. Cat on a hot tin roof by any chance? ;-)

  2. Ooh nooo, is that cat stuck? Hope it got down ok!

  3. Real cat or one of those ‘fake cats’ people stick on their roof?

  4. Gorgeous puss – looks a bit like one of mine. Is it a burmese?

    • So a vet friend tells me. They are gorgeous, aren’t they? There’s loads of them in this area, many semi-feral. I keep thinking I see our cat all over the place as they are all so similar looking!

  5. That’s a good guard cat on the look out there.

  6. The mice are for the owl OK kitty??

    • Ha! You’re on to her Emma. Although I’m not entirely sure whether she’s after the mice or the owl itself. She’s a fierce little thing. She’s positioned above the hole in the eaves where the owl enters and exits.

  7. Lovely picture. Is she yours?

  8. ignoring the cat – oh my gosh that sky is so blue am jealous!

  9. Are you in Siam? :)

  10. Good place for the cat to sunbathe :)

  11. Oh no! Did the cat get down?

  12. Looks like she is eyeing up a passing mouse!

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