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  1. No snow this week, but a stunning vista none the less.

  2. Amazing view! What a beautiful place.

  3. thats a lot of mountains – your mountains or have been further a field?

    • It’s 20km up the road – it’s just a fabulous viewpoint. You can see all the way to the Picos and all along the coast from there. (It’s also near the dinosaur mueum, handily enough!)

  4. Really beautiful!

  5. WOW! Great photo! :) x

  6. Simply stunning

  7. Lovely…love it!

  8. And I think my Peak District hills are impressive. Stunning.

  9. That’s a very beautiful view. You live in a gorgeous place!

  10. Such a majestic view! Fabulous picture too, you must have been very high up! :)

  11. Wow. What a stunning shot. Makes the Yorkshire Dales look like mole hills!

  12. You can nearly see my house…;-)

  13. Wow! Amazing view. Breathtaking.

  14. What a stunning view!

  15. asturia is such a lovely contrast to the rest of espana, i have been many times, beautiful shot x

    • It is a total contrast, isn’t it? As soon as you drive across the Cordillera Cantabrica mountains an hour or so to the south of here you’re in the desertified Spain that everyone pictures when you mention EspaƱa. How nice to meet someone else who has fallen for the charms of Asturias! It’s amazing how little known it is outside of Spain x

  16. Oh my you have been out over those stunning mountains again haven’t you! Hope you will come and join me again soon on Country Kids. I’d love to see what you all get up to in Winter.

  17. Havent been for a while but Asturias is one of my favourite parts of Spain….great pictures and blog BTW!

  18. Another stunning mountain view. I am not sure that I could live without the mountains to gaze on now that I have experienced it. Do you feel the same?

    • Totally. It’s such a gift. And the light, the ever-changing light – the sunsets and early mornings, the clouds and occasional cloud inversions. It’s a living, breathing work of art on your doorstep, innit? Lucky us. x

  19. I cant believe that is only 20k up the road! lovely

  20. What a beautiful view, Mary. Are we lucky to live in Asturias or what?

  21. WOW!

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