Silent Sunday 19/08/2012

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  1. Quiet beach!! And don’t you just love the Spanish cloud formations? I never fail to be surprised by them.

    • The funny thing is it’s actually a really busy beach which I have been avoiding for the last month but I risked it on Weds (fiesta too, how brave am I?) got there early (you know, like 11.30!) and it was great. Left at lunchtime after v relaxed morning.
      And yes, totally love Spanish cloud formations! I could fill an entire blog just with photos of them.

      • Was that a local fiesta? We do early beach too ie anything before noon is early in Spain right?

        I’ve got some nice spanish cloud piccies too. In fact I took some great ones of the mist rolling in off the sea which I must post on my Landy blog. It whooshed in while we were watching it.

        • It was the 15th August, the Feast of the Assumption, so everyone was off work.
          Yeah, it’s great how late ‘early’ can be here. Means we can mostly get somewhere early after having had a lie-in!

      • I’d forgotten that one. In fact I normally forget that one! The local ones stick in my mind and the big national ones eg 6&8 Dec, los reyes, San Juan, and 1 Nov. Best way of checking for me is visiting Mercadona regularly to see when they are closed as they have lovely big signs!

  2. Beautiful photo

  3. What a beautiful sky!

  4. Stunning sky! And a beautiful place!

  5. Those clouds are amazing and it looks like a gorgeous beach

  6. Another beautiful spot in your piece of paradise!

  7. Love that seaside scene, though the country may change, the sights of people enjoying a nice day does not. Love those arching clouds! Thanks

  8. Lovely picture, am feeling suitably jealous!

  9. Not sure which takes me more the sky or the beach.
    love that beach – ahhh a day at the beach how fab would that be?!

  10. Awesome sunny photo. The beach looks so inviting – I think I would like it there!

  11. Beautiful! Natural photograph framing too – very clever! Hope you had a good day off! :)

  12. Reading the comments above, I’d never realised but it explains my lack of imagination with English clouds, whereas I spent my childhood’s car journeys dreaming up what each cloud resembled.

    • Ha – I can picture a childhood spent like that. I was thinking about this conversation myself yesterday when I was walking the dog, under yet another magnificent sky. Are the skies just bigger here? The cloud formations seem so varied and spectacular and often sweep me up into my own imagination!

  13. What a lovely photo, Mary. I am ashamed to say we still haven’t been to the beach this summer, although we have managed to get our lazy selves down to the river near Antrialgo, so algo es algo! Hopefully the good weather will last and we’ll be able to have a few seaside days after all the tourists have left: I don’t know what it’s like in your village, but ours is brimming with visitors, and I think every single one of them has knocked on our door to ask to see “las cerditas” :-)

  14. Such a place of true worship I would find this!


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  2. Sky says:

    […] The photo I posted on Sunday prompted a flurry of cloud-related comments. The hypothesis was proposed, seconded and swiftly carried that Spanish skies are far more interesting than their English counterparts. […]

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