Silent Sunday



  1. Lovely photo!

  2. LOVE this! Such a lovely picture! :) xx

    • Me too :-) I don’t usually post photos of myself, especially not ones with bad hair (which rules out pretty much all of them) but this is a ‘selfie’ we took together and I love it! x

  3. Wonderful Picture! Love it! :)

  4. helloitsgemma says:

    Ahhh look at you two! cute!

  5. what a lovely photo! I don’t take many of myself either, but photos of us are so important too.

    • Absolutely Sarah. I am not a big fan of photos of myself but I think photos of us with our children are so important for preserving memories.

  6. Such a lovely natural photo.

  7. What a lovely picture x

  8. What a lovely warm, happy picture x

  9. expatmammy says:

    thats such a wonderful photo

  10. Such moment of happiness are so nice to see :) By the way who does Espiderman look like more: mummy or daddy?

  11. awwwww xxxxx

  12. :-) xxx

  13. what a lovely lovely shot x

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