Silent Sunday



  1. What a beautiful diplodocus… :D Hope he had a fab day! :) xx

  2. OOh we had a made a very similar dinosaur for my 2 years olds birthday back in the summer, yous is better tho! Hope lots of birthday fun was had!

  3. Wow, spectacular cake! Stegosaurus?

  4. Happy (slightly belated) Birthday to the wee man! xx

  5. Amazing cake! I feel bad for him being cut in half!

  6. what a fantastic cake!

  7. Happy Birthday!! That’s a very cool dinosaur!

  8. That looks like a good birthday! X

  9. What a fun cake.

  10. Ohh fab cake! Yum! Happy Birthday x

  11. Dinosaur roared happy birthday!

  12. Dino Cake! Think I made this once ours was green.

    • Ah yes, this was supposed to be green but I couldnĀ“t get any food colouring, so I used saffron instead and made a jolly orange one instead!!

  13. Great cake – hope someone had a fab birthday

  14. Brilliant cake – hope it was a lovely celebration!

  15. Proper belated birthday wishes x

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