Silent Sunday 29/04/12


  1. bavariansojourn says:

    He looks like a friendly chap! Great picture, love the colours in it! :)

  2. Coooool! I want one! (toy tractor that is not manure or the man!)

  3. Muck spreading ????

  4. There’s brass in muck, no? But who’s that monkey jumping on the fence?

  5. Is that a toy monkey on the fence?

  6. great photo… loving the monkey too! :)

  7. aaaahhh instagram
    I recognise that fence!

  8. fivegoblogging says:

    Yeah, the tractor is cute and the farmer looks jolly considering he is towing muck, but what’s with the monkey on the fence???

  9. citygirlatheart73 says:

    What a brilliant photo. i always love your interesting pics :)

  10. He looks like he really enjoys his life. Great pic.

  11. I love that, a different farming scene to here but beautiful with the valley behind

  12. Your life looks so much more interesting than ours, and I really want the tractor too!

  13. So much like the work we did on our farm in Mississippi! This looks pretty high up, though, to me! Wonderful neighbor you have!

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