Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


  1. Stunning.

  2. Wow. Gorgeous. What’s the story?

    • One of those moments when all is right with the world. Friday night, just been for a play on the beach, now sipping a beer on the terrace of this tiny bar overlooking the estuary and the mountains, watching the sun set and Daddy and Jack throwing stones into the water. Bliss.

  3. lovely capture, the light on the water is beautiful x

  4. Another stunning sky shot! My favourite pics for #SilentSunday :-)

    • You can’t beat ‘em right? Sometimes I’m actually intimidated by how beautiful the sky is and almost daren’t take a picture because I know I won’t do it justice – and then I think, ‘just get over yourself and give it a go’ lol Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  5. Beautiful !

  6. Wow I love that view, I bet it is beautiful in any light

  7. magical. deep sigh.

  8. beautiful beautiful x

  9. Beautiful. Where is Asturia?

  10. That is just beautiful.

  11. Oh, this post is such a blessed sanctuary! Thank you, dear heart!

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