Snow day

The 9 year-old was, in his own words, ‘outraged’ at the scant covering of snow here at home last weekend. While friends in England were ‘enjoying’ blizzards we barely had a dusting, despite living at nearly 700 metres above sea level. No chance of a snow day from school on the horizon and simply not fair!

The bonus of living so high in the mountains in winter though is that you generally don’t have to travel too far or much further up to find a decent coating of the white stuff and on Sunday we tested the new winter tyres on a short but steeply uphill few kilometres to find enough for a snowball fight and indeed for snow shoeing if that’s your bag. (I have still yet to try it but am promising myself I will definitely do so this year. Since skiing is off the cards for me, snowshoeing looks like a fab alternative for getting out in the snow without any of the slippy-slidey-speedy dangerous stuff!)

The thing is, when the sky is blue and the snow is sparkling there is no better place to be than out in the clear mountain air with the people you love best. And those views….

Parque de las Ubiñas, Asturias









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