Spanish Property Glossary – Land, Plots, Building Sites, Fincas

The term finca is used in Northern Spain to refer to a field or plot of land.  There are two main classifications of finca. 1. Finca Rustica This is land that is zoned for agricultural purposes only. This land can be used for recreational and/or horticultural purposes. You cannot build a house on this land, […]

Gramedo Fiesta

Last Sunday, 19th October, was the day of La Fiesta de Nuestra Señora del Rosario, the patron saint of our parish of Gramedo and Giranes.  Despite being a country backwater and sadly depopulated, come fiesta time the loyal sons and daughters of the parish come back from the cities and towns to celebrate their roots […]

Fuente La Lloba

We first heard tell of Fuente La Lloba over a year ago, but we dismissed the tales as a ‘rural myth’. A first class Japanese restaurant hidden in the hills of Asturias, where the hearty fabada reigns supreme? Unlikely… So it was with some trepidation that I asked the barman in the tiny local bar […]

The Financial Crisis and The Asturian Property Market

Well, what else is there to talk about these days other than the global financial crisis?  Strange times indeed. As regards the real estate market here in Asturias, it hasn’t been affected as badly as other regions of Spain as prices weren’t as inflated here to start off with.  Asturias was never part of the […]

Spanish Property North

Inspired to share the delights of Asturias and Northern Spain with other discerning overseas visitors and also to give them the benefit of our experience in buying property over here, my partner and I recently set up the website On the site, we offer a selection of property for sale in Asturias in Northern […]