Silent Sunday 17/06/2012

Sailing Santander to Portsmouth

I’ve always been a fan of ferry journeys. Some of my earliest memories are from the Sealink Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire crossing via which we made our yearly pilgrimages to Ireland from the UK. Running riot in the lounges with newly-made friends, walking our border collie on the blustery deck, laughing at the adults staggering […]

Silent Sunday 27/05/2012

Teverga and the Senda del Oso

The weekend before last was our first trip away in our motorhome for a long time. So long in fact that when we turned the key in the ignition on the Saturday night the battery failed to turn over. All packed up and nowhere to go. We duly dismounted, clutching our bedding and toothbrushes, put […]

Getting Away from it All

To anyone who clicked through to my Silent Sunday post this week only to be greeted with a blank page, I’m very sorry. (The photo’s up now, honest.) I haven’t gone all cryptic on you or decided to take the whole ‘Silent’ theme to new extremes, it was your classic ‘technical failure’. Aka, I was […]

Silent Sunday 13/05/2012

The Sunshine After The Rain

Well, April has lived up to its local billing – ‘en abril las aguas mil’ goes the Spanish refrain – and it has rained a LOT. On reflection, not the best month to choose for my 5 Goals. I’ve only managed to get out climbing once (seeping limestone is no fun, unless you’re a caver), […]

Silent Sunday 29/04/12

Silent Sunday 22/04/12

Asturias – An Introduction

Asturias, for me, is a little slice of heaven on earth. To the Spanish it is known simply as ‘el paraĆ­so natural’ – the natural paradise. Outside of Spain it is barely known at all. Located on the rugged north coast of Spain at the base of the Bay of Biscay and bordered to the […]