The Blowholes at Pria In Action

In the wee small hours of Saturday morning 24th January, hurricane force winds battered the entire coast of Northern Spain.

Naturally, numerous trees were uprooted, most houses lost at least a roof tile or two and some accidents were produced. By Saturday afternoon the winds had dropped to less critical levels but, not to be too technical, it was still blowing a hooley!

Nature in all her glory and ferocity – and what better place to spectate than on the Asturian coastline where the high seas met the limestone cliffs and combined with the plentiful blowholes to dramatic effect.

We visited the blowholes (bufones in Spanish) at Pria, near Ribadesella, but there are many different sites to choose from all along this stretch of coastline.

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Blowhole at Pria

Blowhole at Pria

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