The Perfect Snow Storm

By the time the month of March comes around spring is well and truly on the way in Asturias. Winter is behind us and while we can still spy snow on the high mountain tops we have long since had our one annual day of snow cover here in the hills close to the sea.

So you can imagine everyone’s surprise when, last Wednesday, we woke to this:


And it wasn’t just a light dusting of snow that had fallen overnight. It was this deep:

Don't think anyone will be sitting on that chair anytime soon

Don’t think anyone will be sitting on that chair anytime soon

Or hanging out washing on that line...

Or hanging out washing on that line…

The morning air was subdued and still and not a soul stirred in the village. Well, until the little boy from next door caught Jack’s attention window-to-window.


Then it was time to dig out our snow gear and head out for some fun.

A snowboarding helmet is obviously a vital piece of equipment for the day that's in it.

A snowboarding helmet is obviously a vital piece of equipment for the day that’s in it.

With no power and no chance of the internet repair man making it for his designated appointment (after a week of waiting for him!) it was destined to be a day of play for everyone. Kudos to our electricity suppliers however as somehow, despite the treacherous weather conditions and our remote location, they managed to restore supply before nightfall.



  1. mincechop says:

    Looks like fun, nice chocolate and churros to warm up after? my Dad sent me a piccy from his village in Teverga. Hope that’s it now as I’m over next week.

    • You can’t beat chocolate and churros for warming up, that’s for sure! It *should* definitely be the last of the snow. It really is unheard of to have it here so late in the year. Fingers crossed the weather will be good for your visit!

  2. Your snow is always so beautiful. Makes me look out the window at our layer of 1mm!

    • Haha! I have actually never seen such deep snow here either. It’s really unusual. The neighbours say the last time it was that deep was at the beginning of the 80s!

  3. Like you were never normally get snow, being virtually on the coast. The neighbours do talk about it many years ago of course :D And again, like you we see the sierras coated with it on the peaks. There was snow on the top of Maroma again last week, I’ll post a pic later this week. Nothing like your snow though!!

  4. Now THAT’S what I call snow! Proper, heavy, soft and beautiful stuff. Glad you got to make the most of it and go out and play. It looks stunning!

  5. WOW.What a surprise to wake up to – it’s such a long winter this year – we are due more over here soon – love the photos – really thick snow – I could really imagine your surprise when you opened the curtains/blinds! X.

  6. BTW the above comment is also me – just got the account mixed up! – It’s Older Mum in a Muddle – got muddled up there didn’t I? Fabulous snow and photos. X

  7. There was an even bigger mix up there – the first comment I made didn’t even publish in the end. ANYWAY – what a sight to wake up to in the morning when you opened the curtains/blinds – beautiful thick snow with a real WOW factor. Winter is really dragging here too – we are expected more snow over the coming week in the UK – bummer – wish spring would get a move on. X.

  8. Being an Irish in Asturias, maybe you might find interesting this link: It`s an article (in English) about the links between Asturian folklore and ancient Irish mythology. I know this is a huge off-topic, I just couldn`t find the right post to fit this info. Sorry about that.

  9. Wow, that’s almost Bavarian Winter proportions! Hope you managed to enjoy the snow but stay warm and cosy too! Has it gone yet?

  10. Wow, now thats what snow should be like

  11. Oh my! That is proper snow. We are below the snow line at 1100m and on the south side of the mountains. We only got a dusting on a couple of days and then it was gone by lunchtime.

  12. Even England has been gripped by snow when we are meant to be enjoying spring. However like you we are close to the sea and it has passed us by much to the disappointment of my children. It certainly makes for a beautiful landscape for you. I hope you keep your power supply going.

  13. Brrrr. That is a lot of snow. Helmet is necessary for snow diving! Obviously! :) Hope you all had a good time. I love the communication through the windows between the boys. It must be nice having neighbours like that.

  14. What a beautiful view and isn’t it fascinating how snow falls on objects! Love the helmet. Definitely a vital piece of equipment :)

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