One of the many things I love about Asturias is that vast swathes of deciduous woodland adorn so much of it. Beautiful to look at, especially in autumn when they put on an extended fiery show, they also provide wondrous places for hiking and great opportunities for foraging. And if you happen to be a small child or know someone who is they also make a magical playground.

A track leads out of our village to a large and ancient grove of sweet chestnut trees (the sweet chestnut has a long and proud history here). The trees are massive, spectacular specimens; the light is dappled; the ground knee-deep in rustling leaves. A place to lose yourself in, literally and metaphorically. The ideal spot to let loose a self-styled junior spy, freshly-equipped by the Three Kings with walky-talkies and a briefcase full of other spy essentials.

Of course every spy also needs a secret headquarters and one particularly wide-trunked chestnut, hollowed-out by the years, makes the perfect base. Four narrow wooden steps are hammered to the inside of the trunk giving easier internal access to the upper tier, a basic safety balustrade fixed to a platform above and a two-storey treehouse is complete.

What more could a little boy ask for?

sweet chestnut tree in Asturias


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  1. Wow what a tree, who doesn’t love a treehouse? x

  2. What a wonderful little treehouse – the perfect place for a little spy to make his secret headquarters :-) #countrykids

  3. Oh wow! I know another little boy who would love a tree house like this. How splendid. Stopping by from #countrykids

  4. Love the treehouse :)

    Popping by from #CountryKids!

  5. I love treehouses and can’t wait to build one with my boy one day. #Countrykids

  6. Wow that is awesome! What great fun for him to have…we used to have a similar one and loved playing in it with my brothers. Popping by from #countrykids x

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