Winter on the way

As seems to be the way, autumn has been glorious here in Asturias and the good weather has persisted right into January. Last Sunday 8th January I made the most of the infinitely clear skies and sunshine and got out with friends for a big hike in the mountains. With 800 metres of ascent and 1,100 metres of descent it was a full day out. (We had cars parked at either end before you question the disparity in metres!)

What a day it was, and such views!


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And here’s a photo from this Saturday just gone (14th January) which sums up the sudden change in the weather. Finally, the cold front from Greenland that has been afflicting much of Europe is advancing on Spain. The last rose of summer still clinging on outside our kitchen window is now bowed beneath a dollop of snow, finally capitulating to winter’s onslaught.

rose with snow


Here we are at 700 metres above sea level in the heart of the Cordillera Cantábrica mountains and even at this height our dusting of snow was light and short lived, coming and going within the day. In the high mountains though, well above 1,000m, the snow laid thick and has settled. At last the ski stations have been able to open their slopes and excitement is building amongst the winter sports enthusiasts.

While I am not a fan of skiing myself (with good cause!) I nonetheless recognise the great good luck we have to live within an hour’s drive of the slopes and with off-piste cross-country skiing and sledging opportunities within even closer reach. My plan for this winter is to take my seven year old for skiing lessons and to get out and enjoy the white stuff myself in a more sedate fashion suited to my more advanced years and decidedly less rubbery bones – I’m thinking snow-shoeing. I’ll let you know how it goes!



  1. Did you manage to find some good skiing snow? We are coming to the Asturias for a few days over half term. I can’t remember where, I am just on a booking frenzy, but I will let you know if we are anywhere nearby! :D x

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