And we’re back…..

Two years ago to the day I published a post entitled ‘Renovating Houses’.  It opened with a stark statement: ‘Somebody please shoot me if I threaten to buy another house that needs renovation’. And then I more-or-less disappeared from this blog.



Yup. We only went and did it again.

It’s been a busy couple of years. Rebuilding a house whilst building up a business, publishing a second edition of a climbing guide, running a busy holiday rental and building a new life in a new area. We’re still in Asturias, natch, but we’re further into the mountains, a hundred kilometres distant from where we lived for the previous ten years.

So was it worth it? All the effort and the stress, the haemorrhaging of money and the endless, soul-destroying visits to Ikea…. Well, as I sit here in my ergonomic swivel chair in my dedicated home office enjoying the perfect ambient temperature which is effortlessly maintained by the eco pellet boiler tucked away in the cellar and I gaze upon the spectacular view out of the giant picture windows, I have to say a resounding YES.




  1. bavariansojourn says:

    It sounds idyllic. Good to have you back blogging again! :)

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