Language Learning

Would you look at the dust on that?

We are coming up to our 9 year anniversary of living in Spain. Nearly a decade. A lot has happened in that time. We’ve bought three houses and renovated them. We’ve set up a couple of businesses. My other half has written and published a sport climbing guide book to the region. I’ve gained a titanium […]

Motivation for Slackers

I’ll be the first to admit that I can sometimes give up too easily. Like, if you were to say to me, ‘Mary, I think you give up too easily,’ I’d probably just sigh and agree with you rather than fighting my corner. I have journals crammed full of wonderful ideas, detailing the starts of […]

Spanish Language Learning Resources Online

Asturias isn’t known as the ‘real Spain’ for nothing.  If you’re planning a visit, or maybe even a move here, then you’d be well advised to brush up on your Spanish.  This is not the Costa del Sol where every waiter and shop assistant speaks excellent English.  On the other hand, it is an excellent […]