The Rice Pudding Festival, Cabranes 2015

The streets are thronged with traditionally clad folk

It’s that time of year again, the annual Arroz con Leche festival in Cabranes. On Friday the traditional umbrella was stuck up the tree in the main square to ward off bad weather for the duration of the festivities. A back-up marquee was also erected but they needn’t have bothered. The umbrella did its job […]

La Boca Negra Music Club

boca negra cartel

It would be hard to say which was stranger; listening to a Japanese band playing traditional Irish music in the back room of a chigre (a typical, rustic Asturian cider bar) in the remote hills of northern Spain or simply that I, the mother of a small child, was out at a gig on a […]

Fun and Games in Teverga


While I was at BritMums Live last weekend being inspired by many amazing women (and a handful of men), Richie and Jack were attending a slightly more testosterone laden event here in Asturias. Yes. That’s a man doing pull-ups with a crate full of cider attached to his waist. A perfectly Asturian test of strength […]

New York Times Talks in Aviles

For those who might have feared that the cultural highlight of ┬álife in Northern Spain would be limited to dancing the night away to a local pop ‘orquesta’ at the annual fiestas, the Centro Niemeyer is doing a fine job of truly exploding this myth once and for all by bringing internationally important cultural figures […]

Gijon International Film Festival

Last Thursday 20th November saw the opening of the 46th Edition of the Gijon International Film Festival with the movie Choke. Based on the Chuck Palahnuik book of the same name the film is a perfect mix of intelligent drama and dark but laugh-out-loud comedy and provided a fitting kick-off to the proceedings. The programme […]