Getting in the Festive Spirit

Picos-View-1It can be a little difficult to believe that it’s Christmas when the temperatures are in the twenties and you’re climbing at height in the mountains in shorts and a t-shirt. Equally fantastically our local town has only just put up their Christmas lights so we have totally bypassed that commercial build-up to a frenzied festive season. Just the way I like it.

Last Friday we had our son’s first ever Christmas play to attend, however, and even though the ‘after-party’ (buffet) was held outside in the sunshine it was still enough of a seasonal spur to launch us into the festive mood. (I’ll admit I even shed a soppy proud maternal tear.)

Yesterday I surfed for the first time in an AGE, in lovely, small, clean waves with the sun shining down on my head. That’s also the plan for tomorrow, Christmas Day. A dog walk on the beach with friends, a picnic and hopefully some perfect waves to ride.

As the sun set on another glorious day today I dashed out the door and up the hill to take this photo of the evening sun drenching the snow-capped Picos in ethereal light. My Christmas card to all the lovely readers of this blog who have accompanied me through 2012.



  1. Perfect. Happy Christmas xxx

  2. Feliz navidad

  3. We will have sun on Christmas day so enjoy your picnic. Feliz Navidad.

  4. Nothing better than waves for Christmas! And congrats on the first Christmas play…cheers to many more…

  5. Oh how I wish I could actually stand up on a surf board! :D What a perfectly gorgeous picture! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and I am grateful for both your blog to read, and your blogging support over this past year! Happy 2013! Emma x

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