A Christmas Tale

Yes, it really was a pile of dead sticks.

Christmas Eve eve. The wind howls around the house, rattling the doors and windows and whistling like an enraged banshee. Outside, unidentified objects clatter about and crashes come at irregular intervals. I have never heard anything quite like it. I lie rigid and sleepless in bed, my head full of the weather reports and the […]

Silent Sunday


Reflections on New Year’s Day

It’s been a lovely Christmas holiday here in Asturias. The sun has shone and shone and we have climbed and climbed. Today is cooler and wet – a good day to catch up on a little writing and reflecting in front of the wood burner. As I type my body is aching from this unaccustomed […]

Getting in the Festive Spirit

It can be a little difficult to believe that it’s Christmas when the temperatures are in the twenties and you’re climbing at height in the mountains in shorts and a t-shirt. Equally fantastically our local town has only just put up their Christmas lights so we have totally bypassed that commercial build-up to a frenzied […]