Silent Sunday



  1. So sweet! I will now be singing Feliz Navidad for the vast majority of the day, having just read your tags though! :)

  2. Looks lovely, and very absorbing!

  3. Ronnie has mastered his first Spanish Christmas song this year! Hurrah! Feliz Navidad x

  4. How interesting to see Christmas from a Spanish prospective.

  5. Ooooo interesting shot x

  6. This photo makes me want to know more about Spanish traditions at Christmas. The little boy certainly looks like he’s enjoying it.

  7. Such lovely colour – this feels very festive x

  8. Wonderful photo! Is he showing him the way of the star…?
    Merry Christmas :)
    no. 69 on list (not 50!)

    • He’s the messenger who takes the children’s letters to the 3 Kings. He’s just checking over what present requests Jack has made this year! :-) Merry Christmas to you too.

  9. Oh wow, was he playing a magician or a Magi?xx

  10. Such a sense of wonder if this picture.

  11. What a sweet photo – he looks so happy.

  12. awww this is so cute xx

  13. so he’s a king, he turns up now and then reappears after new year? where is he in the meantime? what about santa??

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