Silent Sunday 05/08/2012


I took these photos on an early morning dog walk. It had rained the night before and the day had dawned damp and misty. The light was dull and the normally spectacular views were masked. My eye was drawn down and in to the hedgerows, which suddenly revealed themselves to be laced throughout with delicate […]

Silent Sunday 29/07/2012

Silent Sunday 15/07/2012

Silent Sunday 08/07/2012

Rozas – Sandstone Bouldering in Northern Spain

Last Sunday (before our trip to Cab├írceno) we visited Rozas, a recently discovered sandstone bouldering area in Burgos. Set within a beautiful forest the shade provided by the trees made climbing possible despite the high temperatures. The magical woodland atmosphere was reminiscent of that far more famous forest, Fontainebleau, and the quality and quantity of […]

Silent Sunday 01/07/2012

Going Home the Long Way Round

We spent last weekend camping and climbing in Santa Gadea and on Monday we slowly wound our way back home, taking advantage of the opportunity to explore a little of the neighbouring province of Burgos on the way. We had been told that there was a world-class crag in the area that had yet to […]

Silent Sunday 17/06/2012

Silent Sunday 03/06/2012